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Authentic Szechuan Dishes

(Available in mild, medium or extra spicy)


Sizzling Hot and Spicy Seafood $35.95
(served in a sizzling platter) Combination of shrimp, scallops, lobster meat, marinated in a spicy recipe, sauteed with Chinese greens, fresh mushrooms, baby corn, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts.
Sweet and Hot Orange Chicken $27.95
Marinated chicken stir-fried in a tangy sweet and hot sauce.
Lemon Chicken $22.95
Slices of breaded chicken served with a tangy lemon sauce.
Beef Szechuan $28.95
(served in a sizzling platter) Sliced tender beef marinated in a special house sauce, served on top of stir fried Chinese greens.
Sweet and Hot Orange Beef $27.95
Tender beef stir-fried in a tangy orange hot sauce.
Ginger Beef $28.95
Marinated tender beef, prepared in special tangy ginger sauce.
Chilli Pepper Shrimp $28.95
Jumbo Shrimps prepared with chili and pepper salts.
General Tso’s Chicken $27.95
Marinated chicken prepared in a hot szechuan garlic sauce.
Onion Beef $27.95
Tender beef marinated in wine and soya sauce stir fried with spicy sesame oil with a touch of green onion and ginger.
Jumbo Shrimp Shanghai Style $29.95
Jumbo Shrimp Marinated in a house special sauce stir fried to perfection with a touch of red and green peppers.
Koon Poo Shrimp $28.95
Diced jumb shrimp, sauteed with choice of Chinese greens, red and green peppers, wok fried in hot spicy sauce, topped with peanuts.
Chicken Szechuan $25.95
Finely cut chicken, marinated in spicy szechuan sauce stir fried with a touch of fresh mushrooms and green peppers.
Koon Poo Chicken $23.95
Diced breast of chicken sauteed with choice of Chinese greens, red and green peppers, wok fried in hot spicy sauce, topped with peanuts.

A Note About our Food

Variety is not only the spice of life, it is the secret of a good Chinese dinner.  When dining in a group of four to eight or larger you may order the same soup and appetizers but let each one select one dish and everyone shares in those dishes.

Chinese food is almost infinite in it’s cariety.  Do not limit your pleasure to old favorites.  Try one new dish each time you dine.

A Chinese dinner has several entrees.  Do not order the same basic meats or the same basic seasonings more than once in the same dinner.

Many dishes require hours, even days of preparation.  Give it time to give you pleasure.  Plan and order ahead whenever you can.

We are happy to have you as our guests and sincerely hope you will enjoy the dining experience the House of LAM has to offer.

Thank you,

The LAM Family